Thursday, May 20, 2004

What to do?

When Ariel died, I sat shiva. I said Kaddish. I'm still saying Kaddish, just about a month left. Gosh, how I dread not saying the Kaddish for Ariel. It will be a gaping abyss in my davening. I arranged to learn Torah with several Chavrusahs in Ariel's memory. But nothing seems to be enough. Several months before Ariel died, he and I had a long conversation about books. Most of all Ariel loved to learn Torah. But he also liked to read novels. He adored Jane Austen. The mad shidduch making in Pride and Prejudice brought a big smile to his face. Ariel also loved the Harry Potter series. A triumph of good writing, beautiful plotting and traditional values over the cynical, degraded trends of much in children's publishing. On Ariel's bookshelves rest about forty novels written by Avi. The problem, said Ariel, was that there were not enough novels written specifically for observant Jewish kids. Dad, he said, you should start a publishing company. Publish fiction that is of the highest quality, yet is also suitable for kids who hold Torah values. And so, to honor Ariel and his wonderful idea Karen and I have founded Seraphic Press. Already we have four superb novels in various stages of development. We expect to publish our first book, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden in January 2005. It is the story of an observant Jewish boy in the old West, his determination to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, his friendship with the notorious gunfighter Doc Holliday, and his touching relationship with Lozen, a legendary Apache warrior girl. The book is a wonderful reimagining of the wild west. To pay tribute to Ariel, The Hebrew Kid's name is... Ariel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Real Live Preacher, a fellow blogger.

I am an observant Christian.

I am honored that you would share this time of grief with the world. I am honored, as a person of faith, to walk with you in this time.

I found this late on a Saturday night. I'll come back when I can walk through slowly and read every word you have written.

God bless.

June 5, 2004 at 8:51 PM  

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